Hire an event consultant

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Hire an event consultant

  • Group Size: No maximum
  • Length: Based on need
  • Level: Strategic
  • Price: Based on need

Pulling off a great event takes time and expertise.  Whether you are trying to communicate a change in strategy or motivate your team, let us help!

We can take you through the strategic process, helping you refine the event goals. Then, we work with you to turn those goals into a strategy, theme and agenda. We can provide ideas for structure, presentations, workshops, team-building activities and other event support resources.

Once you’ve decided on the speakers, we can provide training or coaching, while ensuring alignment and reinforcement with the overall event and business goals.

If desired, we can even facilitate part of the event or workshop.

Whether you need a little support or a lot, feel free to contact us.

*Price depends on activity needs and time required.

This service is available in English and throughout western Switzerland, including Geneva, Lausanne, Vevey, Montreux, Sion, Fribourg, Thun, Bern, Biel, Zurich, Basel and surrounding areas.

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Hire an event consultant


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