Manage stage fright & public speaking nerves (Private virtual training in English)

  • Corporate group training,
  • Individual (1:1) training

Manage stage fright & public speaking nerves (Private virtual training in English)

  • Group Size: 1
  • Length: 1 hour sessions (2 minimum)
  • Price: 99 CHF/session*

Public speaking often causes increased nervousness, stress, and anxiety.  It may even cause sleepless nights, uncomfortable physiological responses and even panic-attacks.  But, there’s good news — we can help.  Stress and anxiety, in whatever form, is a normal human condition.  Fortunately, you can acquire tools to manage it.  You’ll learn and practice techniques to control presenting nerves in all of our training workshops.  We also offer personal and tailored support through our anxiety specialist.

Starting with a initial phone call, you’ll explain your personal situation and symptoms.  Considering your specific needs, and pulling from a large anxiety-management tool box, our specialist explains the process that she uses to help you.  For your specific situation, you’ll learn to (1) recognize the triggers and indicators of your anxiety, (2) understand the physical and psychological processes, and (3) control your mind and body in difficult situations.

You’ll receive these fear-management tools via net-meetings in 1-hour sessions, with a minimum of 2 sessions required.  Normally 2-4 sessions are sufficient to learn the required techniques to reduce your anxiety so you can feel more in control.  This training may also help you to support others at important events.

These sessions are facilitated by Kelly Griffiths, LLB (Hons), CBH DIP, GQHP, a cognitive behavioral hypnotherapist.  Prior to her focus on anxiety support, Kelly was a corporate lawyer, so has first hand experience with business and public-speaking stress.

This service is confidentially available in English via your favorite net-meeting service, where you’ll learn the tools and we’ll use them together.

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Conquer public speaking fear

Conquer public speaking fear


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