Virtual Presentations & Public Speaking – Virtual training with live instructor (CUSTOM TRAINING in English)

  • Corporate group training

Virtual Presentations & Public Speaking – Virtual training with live instructor (CUSTOM TRAINING in English)

  • Group Size: Up to 8 people
  • Length: 3 sessions of 3 hrs. plus 1 hr private
  • Format: Virtual on-line with live instructor, includes video

This is an action-oriented online and virtual presentations and public speaking training course with feedback and coaching from a live instructor:

  • Individual coaching – Workshops are facilitated by a highly-rated live instructor, with extensive public speaking and corporate experience (see details below). The course includes a one-hour private for each attendee and personal tips throughout the course.
  • Action-oriented – Attendees apply the theories to an existing presentation project using worksheets, partner exercises, and videoed practice session for self-discovery.
  • International – This course is designed for international technical, and business people. It’s perfect for international teams, leaders or market developers and includes cross-cultural presenting tips.
  • Creative virtual training – We’ll cover technical set-up, tricks and tools for dynamic virtual presentations. Teams learn the tools while using them in a fun environment.
  • Tailored to your needs – Content is tailored to the group and business needs.

This training is in English and includes course summary materials, project worksheets, and videos of your practice sessions.


Your virtual presentations training facilitator, Kimberly VanLandingham:

Kimberly brings together corporate experience and academic credentials to help international business and technical presenters. She has a passion for helping analytical minds communicate their thoughts and sell their ideas/products.

  • Over 20 years international management experience with DuPont (roles included Global Business Manager, EMEA Regional Manager, Corporate Growth Manager, R&D Manager) –> LinkedIn Profile
  • Product spokesman on TV/radio and as a keynote speaker
  • 10 years as a presentation and public speaking trainer
  • Keynote speaker at the EACC, World Trade Centre, universities and global companies
  • Trained tens of TEDx speakers
  • Masters in cross-cultural communications (MACCC) and BS in engineering (BSEE), with extensive business training
  • Native English speaker with a neutral accent (so help with English skills too)
  • Rated as “outstanding” by 97% of workshop attendees –> More client feedback and testimonials


Virtual Presentations & Public Speaking – training structure & topics:

The course is facilitated on Zoom or Microsoft Teams with a live instructor.

It includes 4 training sessions: 3 group sessions of 3 hours/session, plus 1 individual private coaching session. The groups sessions are custom and action-oriented, where attendees apply the theories to an existing business presentation. There are short homework assignments between sessions to advance their project.

This course covers most of the topics in our 2-day presentation training course including managing fear, developing and presenting engaging presentations. Here is a typical agenda:

Foundation topics for speakers

  • Set-up for a great virtual presentation or meeting
  • Fear and confidence: 3 ways and 3 exercises to manage stage fright.
  • The charismatic presenter and how to connect to your audience.
  • The communication problem:  The brain’s filters and communication tools to overcome them

Our 5-Step Presentation Development Process

  • Step 1 – Presentation preparation and strategy
  • Step 2 – Focusing content and developing key messages.
  • Step 3a – Structuring your presentation.
  • Step 3b – Storytelling, and other power tools.
  • Step 3c – Opening and closing techniques.
  • Step 4 – Charts and other techniques that keep your audience’s attention.
  • Step 5a & 5b – The presenter tools: Using your body and voice (live and virtually).
  • Step 5c – More tech tips for virtual presenting

The course is packed with speaking exercises and presentation practice, where we video you to optimise your style.


Virtual Presentations & Public Speaking Training Course – price:

This training course includes 9 hours of group training, plus 1-hour of private presentation coaching for each attendee. The price varies depending on the group size. Groups of 4-6 people are recommended, with up to 8 people. Larger groups and alternative content and structures are also possible. Please contact us to arrange a call with the instructor to discuss your specific business situation and needs.

Contact us to tailor this course to your needs:

We also offer custom corporate and small group public courses, face-to-face training in Switzerland:

  • 2-Day Presentations & Public Speaking for Business (limited to 4 people) – This course covers the same topics as the virtual training course described on this page, and includes at least 6 live practice sessions with coaching.
  • 1-Day Presentations and Public Speaking Practice & Coaching (limited to 3 people) – It is perfect for experienced speakers, who wish to boost their skills or prepare for an upcoming event. It includes 3-4 practice sessions with video feedback with theory around the small group’s specific needs.
  • 1-Day Media Training (limited to 6 people) – It is ideal to prepare and practice for interviews, Q&A after speeches, and panels.
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Virtual presentation training

Virtual presentation training


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