The Confidence Clinic: Overcome your fear of public speaking (PUBLIC TRAINING in English)

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The Confidence Clinic: Overcome your fear of public speaking (PUBLIC TRAINING in English)

  • Length: 10 self-paced virtual sessions + 1 private coaching
  • Price: 650 CHF (325 CHF with waitlist discount)
  • Availability: Coming soon! Sign-up for the waitlist now & receive 50% discount.

Do you feel anxious when asked to give a speech? Does your heart race, your hands sweat, or your mind go blank? Do you have trouble sleeping days before a speech? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. These are common reactions to public speaking, often called “stage fright.”  The Confidence Clinic is a training workshop designed to help you overcome your stage fright and fear of public speaking.

It includes 10 virtual sessions, which you can access at any time, once you purchase the course. Each session has a different concept and research-backed confidence-building tool to reduce anxiety and build your confidence. These tools are used by professional speakers, Olympic athletes, CEOs, and therapists. You will hear the explanation then try-out each tool along with the trainer to reduce your fear of public speaking. Then, you can decide which tools are right for you.

As a bonus, the Confidence Clinic includes a 1:1 phone call or virtual meeting (up to 50 min.) with the trainer to discuss your experiences and receive individual coaching or exercises. You can take this 1:1 session at the beginning, middle or end of your training.

Stop letting your fear hold you back. Use these tools to manage your speaking nerves and gain confidence. This action-packed self-paced virtual training course is in English.

How do you overcome your fear of public speaking:

We work to build confidence and tackle your fears from multiple sides:

  • Neurology and physiology of fear
  • Changing the fear cycle
  • Building confidence before the event
  • Maximising confidence during the event
  • What to do after the event to build confidence going forward
  • Preparing for and responding to the unexpected (and mistakes)
  • When failure isn’t an option
  • Next steps and your ongoing confidence practice

You will try-out each concept with an exercise during or after class related to your public speaking or other business situation that makes you nervous. These exercises work to replace your fear with confidence. By the end of the course, you will feel more confident and have tools to continue your confidence building journey.

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The Confidence Clinic price:

The Confidence Clinic includes —

  • 10 videoed sessions with a different tool in each session
  • Downloadable notes for each session
  • 1:1 coaching (50 min.)

The price is 650 CHF; but, for those that sign-up to our waitlist, we are offering a 50% discount. You can sign-up to our waitlist for free now. When you sign-up, we will send the discount code and we will let you know when the Confidence Clinic is available.

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2024 Training Course DatesAvailability
July 1, August 5, September 2, October 1, 2024NOT AVAILABLE
Self-paced on-line courseCOMING SOON! Sign-up for our waiting list for free & receive 50% discount.
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Who should attend:

This confidence clinic is designed to help you control your public speaking nerves and manage stage fright. It’s perfect for anyone who feels nervous giving presentations, speaking in meetings, or doing virtual public speaking. While the trainer focuses on public speaking and other business communication, the tools will change your approach to all situations requiring confidence.

Note: This is a business training course not therapy.

Other courses to overcome your fear of public speaking:

Stress and anxiety are a normal part of being human and trying new things. To reduce stage fright –

  1. Develop your skills,
  2. Practice in increasingly difficult situations, and
  3. Apply tools to control your mind and body.

The Confidence Clinic focuses on tools to control the mind and body to build confidence. We cover skills development, practice, and a few mind/body anxiety tools in our other courses. Here is a comparison of our other open to the public courses:

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Reduce public speaking fears

Reduce public speaking fears