International presenter training

Where theory & experience come together


For international presenters, we augment the presenter training with international cross-culture tips, theory and experience.   

Your trainer has experience as a global business manager and international market development consultant.  She studied cross culture communications and is a trainer for "Cross culture for business" courses through our parent company, European Market Link Sàrl. She has visited or worked in over 50 countries and has a passion for the topic.

In all of our courses, where international presenting is of interest, we include tips and examples. If the student plans to present to a specific nationality, we can provide added guidance on norms, do's and don'ts for that audience.

When there is a strong interest in international and cross-culture communications, we can even extend the course by adding specific culture related training modules.   

Our cross-culture theory basis includes the original research of Geert Hofstede, as well as the new concepts  from people like Richard Lewis and Brooks Peterson.  As the area of cross-culture training is extensive, your specific needs should be discussed with the trainer.

For more information, please contact us to discuss your situation.