Presentation training & coaching with video feedback

Video feedback

We video presentation practice sessions!

Video feedback is an important tool used in EML's Presentation Training in Switzerland courses and coaching sessions. 

From the first presentation practice, we video course attendees. Videos are reviewed privately with the speaker in a separate break-out room, where the trainer provides individual coaching. The videos enable attendees to see their strengths/weaknesses, try new tools, and build confidence. Below are a few specific benefits of video feedback:

Body -- It encourages overly stiff presenters to move, while highlighting those who jiggle too much. We catch bad postures and closed body language, while promoting bolder open movements.

Voice -- The video enables one to hear the speed of his words and inspires the use of clear, short sentences with frequent pauses. While a speaker may feel that he is dramatically changing his voice, the video demonstrates the need to change more. Those speaking English as a second language hear their accent and can address this for clearer speeches.

Confidence -- The ongoing video practice sessions also help presenters to gain confidence, as often course participants feel more nervous than they look. They become aware of its use as a practice tool and see their progress from the first to last video.

Charisma -- It may also be used to develop a presenter’s individual style and charisma by testing various presenting style ideas.  

Attendees often worry about being videoed, so let us assure you that we use it only as a learning tool. It is used privately, in a gentle and encouraging way.

Presentation practice with video feedback