2-DAY PRESENTATION & PUBLIC SPEAKING FOR BUSINESS - For international business, B2B sales, engineers & scientists


Zurich presentation skills training course:

Gain confidence, clarity and charisma! This Zurich presentation skills training course is designed for international business, B2B sales, engineers and scientists. You'll learn to capture your audience's attention, convey complicated information, and motivate your audience to buy or support your proposed next step.

First, you'll receive tools to manage your nerves. Then, you'll embark on a logical process to develop engaging presentations that are easy-to-present. The course is limited to a small group (just 5 people). So, you can practice, receive personal coaching, and develop skills and confidence without pressure. By the end of the course, you will feel better prepared to create and deliver great business presentations. 

2-day presentation development and stage presence workshop (Open enrollment)

Presenter skills training dates & price:

This is a highly effective course because it's limited to just 5 people in Zuirch, Switzerland. Below is a full list of our courses.

Training Course DatesDays of WeekEarly Booking Discount UntilAvailability
February 20-21, 2024Tuesday-WednesdayNo longer availableSorry, Zurich is full
March 6-7, 2024Wednesday-ThursdayNo longer available1 seat left in Lausanne
April 23-24, 2024Tuesday-WednesdayMarch 8, 2024Available in Martigny
June 4-5, 2024Tuesday-WednesdayApril 16, 2024Available in Lausanne
July 9-10, 2024Tuesday-WednesdayMay 28, 20242 seats left in Zurich
August 27-28, 2024Tuesday-WednesdayJuly 16, 2024Available in Martigny
October 28-29, 2024Tuesday-WednesdaySeptember 17, 2024Available in Zurich
December 3-4, 2024Tuesday-WednesdayOctober 22, 2024Available in Martigny

2-day agenda to grow your presenter skills:

Topics are integrated and build upon each other.  They include examples, workshops or practice sessions.

  • Develop confidence and manage your presenting nerves.
  • How charismatic presenters connect to their audience.
  • Business presentation skills: Body and Voice
  • Preparation and strategy to get results.
  • Structures for business needs.
  • Storytelling, and other powerful presenting tools.
  • Hooks:  Your opening and closing techniques.
  • Slides and visual tools to keep your audience’s attention.
  • Words that work, and those that don't.
  • More on persuasion.
  • Preparing for questions and impromptu presentations.

Includes lots of presentation skills practice with private video feedback.


Your Trainer: Kimberly VanLandingham, BSEE & MACCC

You'll be trained by Kimberly VanLandingham, CEO of European Market Link Sàrl. She brings theory into the real world, with over 12 years as a trainer and over 20 years of corporate and management experience, where she was a product spokeswoman on TV, radio, and at large events. She has degrees in cross-cultural communications (MACCC) and engineering (BSEE); so, she specialises in helping those who present complicated technical or business information to international audiences. 

What makes this course different:

  • Lots of practice with private video analysis!
  • Small classes (max. 5 in Zurich, Switzerland) enable more practice and personal coaching.
  • Focus on international, business, and technical presenters.
  • You'll advance a work-related presenting project, while developing new skills.  
  • Comfortable, fun and supportive environment.

You'll leave class confident and excited to give your next business presentation.

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Presentation & public speaking trainer & coach

Zurich, Switzerland - Presenter skills training location:

Flex Kalkbreite - FLEX ROOM 3
Kalkbreitestrasse 6 (in the courtyard, 2nd floor)
CH-8003 Zürich, Switzerland


Martigny, Switzerland - Presenter skills training location:

Martigny, Switzerland is our headquarter and is just 50 minutes by direct train (IR-90) from the Lausanne train station. The training centre is only 3 minutes walk from the train station. Here, we offer even smaller groups (just 4 people/course) so you get more practice and individual coaching.

European Market Link SARL
Rue du Léman, 14
CH-1920 Martigny, Switzerland

Lausanne, Switzerland - Presenter Skills Training location:

SwissTech Hotel
SwissTech Village
Route Louis Favre 10B
CH-1024 Ecublens, Switzerland
+ 41 21 694 06 10

SwissTech Hotel is located on the campus of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), right next to the EPFL Metro Station. The centre of Lausanne can be reached by metro in 12 minutes. Here is the hotel website for more information: https://www.swisstech-hotel.com/

Just 1490 CHF or 1350 CHF with the early booking discount with a flexible change policy.

CHANGE or CANCEL for free up to 28 days before the course. With less than 4 weeks, pay just 25% to change or 50% to cancel. Change to another person at anytime for free. 

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