Technical, business & international presenters

Where theory & experience come together


At EML's Presentation Training in Switzerland, our workshops were designed  specifically for technical, business, and international presenters.  Here's why:

Presentation training for technical and business minds

Unlike some presentation trainers, who are actors; our founder came from the corporate world.  She gave technical, sales, and business presentations for over 20 years.  She studied engineering (BSEE) and international communications (MACCC).  Bringing together theory and experience, we use a logical step-by-step process that feels comfortable to engineers, technical marketers, and financial leaders.  You'll learn to transform complicated technical information, or vague business ideas, into powerful messages that your audience will support.  If you have a technical-business mind, you'll appreciate this logical approach.   

Research-based training

As technical-business people, you develop processes and make decisions based on research.  So do we.  Our research goes beyond communication and persuasion theories, it includes neurology, sociology, psychology, and more.  Whether you want to develop a more powerful presentation, deliver it with charisma, or overcome stage fright; we provide evidence-based recommendations.  For example, topics like "managing presentation nerves" are explained scientifically, then recommendations are based on research.  But don't worry, this isn't an academic lecture, its an action-packed workshop, where you'll learn by doing.  

Designed for business results

Presentations are only successful when they achieve the desired business results.  So, our presentation development process is designed to do just that.  Most business presentations are trying to sell a product, motivate someone to act, or transfer knowledge; you'll puts these goals front and center, then build your presentation for success.

Similarly, we apply this business focus to the our custom training workshops.  We seek to understand the business needs behind your presentation training request and the individual needs of the attendees.  With your business needs clear, we design our training to help you succeed.  

International presentations

International presentations can be challenging, with various communication styles in the audience.  We build awareness and include tips for international presenters throughout the training sessions.  We even offer additional training modules covering cross-cultural and intercultural communications (through European Market Link Sàrl).