Welcome to Presentation Training Switzerland!

  • Welcome to Presentation Training Switzerland!

    Welcome to Presentation Training Switzerland!

    Welcome to Presentation Training Switzerland — where theory and experience come together. We provide business presentation and public speaking training and coaching. We also offer keynote speaking and strategic support for your next event.

    Presentation Training Switzerland is the presentation training arm of European Market Link Sàrl, a privately held limited company in Switzerland.  Established in January 2011, European Market Link Sàrl is an international business training and consulting company for English speakers wishing to grow their business across borders.

    Our training focuses on helping technical, business, sales and international professionals. We combine strategic, marketing and sales concepts with communication theory to help professionals target audiences and to sell their products or ideas.

    I am the principal trainer.  I facilitated my first training course and gave my first presentation over 25 years ago, just a few months after joining the DuPont Company in Wilmington, DE.  I was a shaking young girl then, talking to a room full of middle-aged engineers. Since then, I’ve given hundreds of presentations as a product spokesman on live TV, at large associations events, corporate meetings and universities.

    I’ve had the chance to work with company presidents, CFOs, CTOs, physicists, lawyers, fund managers, manufacturing engineers, marketing executives, new sales people and more. Our training content blends physical, mental, strategic and tactical elements; making each course a rewarding puzzle in business & human behavior.

    Our training courses aren’t simply slide decks purchased on the internet like some companies, they’re heavily researched, constantly updated, and tailored to each client. More importantly, they work! (See Client Feedback)

    With our new Presentation Training Switzerland brand and website, we’ve expanded our product selection and focused geographically on Switzerland, from Geneva to Zurich.

    If you haven’t already seen it, check-out our ‘Presentations and 0ther business communications — 2-day training and workshop’. This cumulative structure (covering presentations, writing and business meetings), was designed for new market development professionals. It is one of our most popular products as it covers several forms of professional and sales communications in an efficient 2-day course. It’s ideal for a sales team and new employees.

    If you have a project, or even just a question, Contact us.



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