Public Speaking Course Comparison

  • Public Speaking Course Comparison

    Public Speaking Course Comparison

    I’m often asked, “Which course is best for me?”  My answer: “It depends.” It depends on your needs and your speaking situation. Here’s an overview of our public speaking training courses and situations where I may recommend each:

    #1 MY FIRST CHOISE: Presentation & Public Speaking for Business – 2 Day Course & Workshop

    This course covers it all — from tools to manage your public speaking nerves, to communication rules of thumb, and our 5-step process for developing and delivering charismatic presentations. You’ll practice, be videoed, and receive personal coaching. As this course has just 4 people, you will practice presenting several times and receive lots of individual support!

    If you haven’t had presentation training recently, this is the perfect course to develop or update your skills and confidence in a small comfortable group. It is ideal for technical, business, and international presenters and leaders. This is not only my first choice, it’s also the most popular course.

    #2 THE BOOSTER: Presentation & Public Speaking Practice & Coaching – 1 Day Workshop

    This course is recommended as a follow-up for those who have already taken a comprehensive training course, like the 2-day course mentioned above.

    As the name implies, you present and I provide individual coaching to support your needs. It’s a wonderful alternative to private coaching so you can boost your skills or finetune a specific presentation. As this workshop has a maximum of just 3 participants, you will several times yet still having time to reflect and learn from each other.

    #3 FOR Q&As: Media Training

    Media training helps you to prepare for questions from TV, radio, bloggers, clients, or internal audiences. The course offers tools, examples and practice to create witty responses to even tough questions. This course is recommended for those who represent the company in interviews, panels, or Q/A after a speech. Media training is typically part of custom leadership training to prep key messages or address a crisis. It is also helpful for subject experts and others faced with impromptu situations.

    #4 EXTRA CONFIDENCE: The Confidence Clinic

    All our courses include tools to manage speaking nerves. The Confidence Clinic provides more of these tools from neuroscience and cognitive behavioural therapy to sports psychology. As learning presentation skills and practicing are critical to developing confidence, I suggest taking our 2-day course first (or something similar.) The 2-day course boosts everyone’s confidence. This course is designed for those who already posses the skills but still struggle with public speaking stress OR those too afraid to attend a public speaking course.


    Below is a detailed public speaking course comparison:

    Training CourseTraining Course DescriptionRecommendation# of attendees, price/early booking price
    2-Day Presentations & Public Speaking for Business Comprehensive & essential course to learn or update skills - Controlling nerves, key messaging, creating & delivering presentationsTake this course to learn or update your skills & gain confidence.Up to 5 pp,
    1490 CHF/person
    1-Day Advanced Presentation & Public Speaking SkillsPractice & coaching for those who already attended presentation training & wish to advance their skills or develop a particular presentationNormally a follow-up to the 2-day training (or similar course) / Perfect alternative to private coachingUp to 3 pp,
    995 CHF/person
    925 CHF earlybird
    1-Day Media TrainingWorkshop focused on skills, tools & practice for interviews, panels, & Q/A after speeches.For those facing media interviews or other Q&A situation / Normally, a follow-up to the basic 2-day trainingUp to 4 pp,
    850 CHF/person
    The Confidence Clinic (for public speaking)Tools from neuroscience, cognitive behavioural therapy & sports psychology to manage your public speaking & performance stressFor those who have speaking skills and want more tools to manage public speaking nervesOnline plus private
    650 CHF with 50% discount if you join the waitlist

    If you would want to compare course dates, check out Presentation Training Dates in Switzerland.”

    If you want more help choosing, give us a call or drop us an email.  🙂

    Presentation and Media TrainerKimberly VanLandingham is the CEO of European Market Link Sàrl, the owner of Presentation Training She has 12 years of training experience and 20 years of experience with DuPont, including as a product spokesperson on TV and radio and business leader. Today, she offer training in public speaking, media, and cross-cultural communication to international business leaders and technical teams. She has a Masters in cross-cultural communication and a BS in engineering.

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